Our Clients Advantages

• Professional services from our management is one of our strengths to give our best service to the client.
• The certainty to get correct candidate and complying your needs.
• Trusted legal company with experience and self owned asset.
• Commitment to develop long term partnership with client.

Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No.149
DKI Jakarta 12810 Indonesia
  • Phone . (62 21) 8304147
  • Fax . (62 21) 8304148
  • Skype . abulpj
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Opening hours : Monday-Friday
from 09.000-18.00 (GMT 7)

Why Recruit Indonesian?

- Very friendly, obedient, dedicated, adaptable, patient, reliable
- Respect other people, especially elders and superiors
- Religious and Honest
- Not much of a complainers